Jacomun 2018

The Jacomun 2018 hosted by St. James was able to present an impressive pageant of negotiations portraying an edifice of diplomacy, creativity & leadership by which it has been able to establish a forum for discussing the major world problems.
On 12th June 2018, the Conference was declared open by the dignitaries of Calcutta & the Representatives of the other World organisations. The Conference had a plethora of dynamic committees & agendas covering all aspects of politics, society, economy & history- ranging from the introduction of crypto-currency to the Nuclear threats posed by North Korea.
The three memorable days passed with a continuous flow of ambidextrous debating with aphorisms bringing out the truth in the Committee promoting non violence & anti war feelings. It also discussed current problems with solutions passed in the form of Working Papers & Resolutions.
By our participation, we intend to leave behind a legacy for the enhancement of the United Nations in its endeavors of promoting world peace & international security.

Sharbaditya Bandopadhyay,
World Media Council.
We may have different religions,languages,coloured skin but we all belong to one human race -was quoted by Kofi Annan.The JACO MUN 2018,organised by the St. James school at ITC Sonar Bangla on the 12th,13th and 14th of June, 2018. A delegation of 18 members from the school had participated in this prestigious event.There were a total six committees in the MUN, with each committee presenting enthralling and debatable agendas to the delegates.The three days of the competition was engaged in enriching and fruitful debates, serious negotiations and diplomatic ties which provided us a vast experience.The MUN was indeed a learning experience for all of us, igniting the possibilities within ourselves to be succesful.diplomats
        We would like to thank Rev Fr Principal for giving us such an opportunity.We are indeed grateful to the school and especially Sir Apurba Banerjee who had escorted us to the competition. Pro Orbis et Pro Patria- for the World and for the Country

                                                           Rabindra Jayanti and Prize Distribution Ceremony

9th May was an eventful day invariably imbued with a sense of calm and serenity as we the students of Don Bosco School,Bandel were immersed in solemnizing the pious occasion of Rabindra Jayanti,evoking in our minds the inconceivable depths of imaginative fervour and faculties of cognition that the Bard of Bengal has bequeathed to us and generations to come in the form of words that speak of compassion and harmony ,love and grace that lingers amidst us through music,dance and drama like the sweet fragrance of a vernal morning.
                      The events for the day began with the welcome speech delivered by Arya Dewanji, followed by the lighting of the lamp by Respected Father Rector, Father Principal ,Madam Lipika Bose and the School Prefect Agnidev Banerjee. Soon the auditorium resonated with the sweet melody of Rabindra Sangeet Hey Bhubon and Gaaner Opare alongside recitation of a poem by Tagore .What followed next was speech on Tagore by Srijan Mukhopadhyay ,which was an autobiographical detail of the Bard\\\\\\\'s achievement ,his early life of innocence as a child, his schooling and views concerning education . The dance-drama Kal Mrigaya performed by the students was indeed a visual treat.
                      9th May was a day of considerable importance as the students were awarded prizes for their academic excellence on the basis of their all - round performance in the last scholastic year.
                        This momentous day was wrapped up by the speech of Sir Subhadip Sarkar and the thanksgiving speech of Reverend Father Principal Noby.K.George without whose assiduous support and unwavering motivation no event could ever have been successful.


                                                                      ECONOMICS SEMINAR
4th May, 2018
Don Bosco School, Bandel organized an economics Seminar for the Students of class 9 to 12. It was compulsory for all the students of class 9 to 12 and all the commerce students of Class 11 and 12. The auditorium of Don Bosco school, Bandel was the venue for this seminar. The auditorium was decorated with charts and artworks related to economics to give an essence of the seminar to the younger boys.
The seminar began at 10:00 am in the morning. The first half an hour of the seminar was conducted by the commerce students of class 12. The introductory speech was given by Samrit Das. Arkaprabha Chaterjee gave a brief description on the Bachelor’s degree of Economics. He highlighted on the career options and the significance of this subject. Saumajit Roy Karmakar further focused on the importance of this subject and it’s application in day to day life. The speech was followed by a presentation prepared by the students of class 12B. The presentation threw light on various definitions of economics and how economics has evolved throughout the years. It also included the works of notable Economists like Mr. Amartya Sen and our ex-prime minister , Mr. Manmohan Singh.The presentation also highlighted on the job options pertaining to economics and the best universities and colleges around the world available for the higher education in Economics. The presentation was followed by a welcome speech from Atish Kar to our Honorable Resource person, Mr. Shashi Bhusan Miishra.
Mr. Shashi Bhusan Mishra is a past pupil of Don Bosco School, Bandel and is currently an assistant professor of economics in Aliah university. Mr. Shashi started his proceedings highlighting on the current crisis which has occurred due to excess of engineers in India. He compared the average salaries of an engineer and a professor of economics. He also mentioned how people of West Bengal is so very obsessed with the science stream and how it is creating a serious problem in our country. Next he highlighted on the standard of economic education in India. He mentioned the cut off percentage of the economics honours course in few reputed colleges in India were as high as 100 percent. Next he mentioned how economics is important in our day to day life from waking up in the morning to going back to bed at night. He stated that economics is applicable in every step we take in life.
Next he concentrated on the taxation policy of our Country. He highlighted on few key terms like ‘tax’ , ‘subsidy’ and “GST’. He stated the definitions of tax and reasoned out how the whole country is built upon taxes. He graphically demonstrated the production and the consumption process of a commodity and the tax chain and the profit chain which occurs in between. He demonstrated it through popular public figures like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and our Honorable Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee so that the young lads who are new to this subject can find interest.
His further proceedings were totally based on the policies of GST. He stated how our Country is so very confused about the idea of GST. He simplified the whole concept of GST and explained how it was different from our previous taxation policies. He also clearly stated the distribution of GST which is charged on Various commodities. He also clearly mentioned the reason behind a high percentage of GST on luxury goods and vice versa in inferior goods. He also distinguished the various types of GST which is implied in our daily products. He also stated how India is paying a very high percentage of GST compared to other countries with a similar taxation.
The seminar ended with an interactive session where various sensitive issues like Demonetization , income taxation of teachers and doctors and Black money crisis in our country were discussed . Our resource person answered all these questions very diplomatically , stating the pros and cons of the steps taken by the government.
In the end , A vote of thanks was given by Samrit Das to our Resource person and Our economics teacher , Ma’am Nandita Chakroborty who was an essential member in the organizing committee of this seminar and guided the commerce students for this seminar. At last , a token of appreciation was presented by Bishal Saha to our resource person. The seminar ended with a photo session with the resource person , teachers present and class 12B.The economics Seminar was indeed a success for the whole school and helped the students in molding their career ambitions. Thank you.

                                          Article on Workers Day Program at Don Bosco School(Bandel)

The International Labour’s Day or The Workers Day was celebrated at Don Bosco School, Bandel with full aplomb. The event took place on 2nd of May, 2018, during the start of that day’s morning assembly. The function started with an introductory speech in Bengali by two of the Student Council members (Sagnik Dey and Pinaki Ranjan Chandra), welcoming the workers and acknowledging their hard work.
The introduction was followed by an instrumental performance by the students of the school. The students with their brilliant taste in music gave a prodigious performance which was greatly applauded by every single student, teachers, fathers and the Non-Teaching Staff in particular.
After that there was a prayer delivered by the School Prefect, Agnidev Bandyopadhyay, featuring the mental, emotional and psychological well being of the Non-Teaching staff and also thanking God for their presence in this institution.
The prayer was followed by our Vice Principal, Fr. Thomas Gomes, addressing the whole school and delivering the Vote of Thanks to the Non-Teaching Staff on this special occasion. He focused on the priceless contribution of the workers for the smooth functioning of the institution.
An extraordinary musical performance followed the vote of thanks, which included the medley of different folk songs, which was brilliantly showcased by the students of the school.
At last our principal, Fr. Noby. K George congratulated the workers and thanked them with his words of gratitude and appreciation for their selfless services towards this institution.
All the workers were overwhelmed watching the function and expressed their gratitude towards the school management, fathers, teachers and students for their endeavour.

                                                           Experience on the first day of class eleven

The beginning of class eleven was like a step ahead to face the world outside. All the same coming back to our alma mater was yet another wonderful experience. The institution that had nurtured us for the past ten years was ready to give the final polish as we the new batch of class eleven stepped into the school campus once again on the 25th of April 28, 2018.
We were dropping in eagerly to meet the teachers, fathers and all the members of the DBB family. The whole experience was like a Home coming. This time it was our pride and honour to wear the checked tie – signature of the seniority of the students of DBB.
                      We were then graciously welcomed back by Rev. Father Principal who motivated us with his inspiring words and encouraged us to journey through the final years of our schooling. On the first day we had a seminar conducted by one of our past pupil Darshan Periwal who gave us a clear picture that we had to face and fight through to make a stand for ourselves.He said how class eleven was going to be a turning point in our lives as as this was the moment when we firmly decided the profession that we were going to pursue in future.
                      At the culmination of the day Father Principal asked us to participate in the various intra and inter school activities and to grab all the opportunities to excel in academics and to be a batch class apart by making a positive difference.

                                                                        Investiture Ceremony 2018

Perhaps inspirational quotes donot really play the proper prelude when one talks about leadership in this high octane dynamic world.The stark reality intertwined with hints of idealism, optimism is what lights the guiding gleam.
The world is in dire need of people willing to walk that extra mile for the others, tread that untrodden road for the sequestered and speak out for the voices unheard.

Don Bosco School, Bandel has forever strived to preserve the immortal Bosconian spirit unblemished and has nurtured the innocent dreams of many and moulded them into ambitions braided with reality and in order to do that, it has always invested an unfathomable trust in leadership. It is this responsibility that has framed up the men of today, the leaders of tomorrow and is still preserving the rich heritage through the freshly elected Student Councils every year. This year, a new set of leaders for the 2018-19 session brimming with respect, honour, dignity and the undying spirit took the command of the ship on the 27th of April, 2018. The glorious day took its start by invoking the  blessings of the Almighty through the solemn ceremony of the lighting of the lamp. Reverend Father Rector, Reverend Father Principal and Reverend Father Vice Principal graced the ceremony with their presence and the entire senior school along with the teachers were present there to spectate the event. Reverend Father Rector enlightened us with a reading from the Holy Bible. After receiving the badges, the figments of responsibility and honour,the Captains of the four Houses along with the School Prefect humbly recieved the flags of the houses and the School respectively, ushering in a new era ahead, pledging to keep the flags soaring high, letting them flutter their way to glory. The School Flag was recieved by the School Prefect Agnidev Bandyopadhyay from Rev. Father Principal and the four Houses, starting with the House Master of Red House, Madam Shampa Chakraborty presenting the flag to the Captain, Sagnik Dey accompanied with the House Prefect Joy Murmu; the House Master of Green House Sir Apurba Banerjee presenting the flag to Tushar Soni, the Captain accompanied by the Prefect, Anurag Singh; House Master of Yellow House, Madam Ankita Roy Chowdhury handing over the flag to the Captain, Arik Sinha Roy accompanied with the House Prefect, Pinaki Chandra and lastly, Sir Subhash Gomes, House Master of the Blue House presenting the flag to Sourav Mondal, the Captain and the Prefect, Atish Kar. Reverend Father Principal illuminated us with his words glorifying the true essence of leadership and inspiring us to hold the tag of the school high especially now that we have proudly stepped foot onto the fortieth year of our inception. Following that, the leaders took the Oath of Office led by the School Prefect promising to uphold the heritage of the school and be the beacons of change the world needs which was followed by a prayer on behalf of the leaders from the School Asst. Prefect. Sir Subhash Gomes had responsibly and immaculately co-ordinated the entire event with the assistance of Class XII B ( Commerce). The ceremony was capped off with the school uniting to the symphony of the National Anthem and taking a step ahead in treasuring the integrity of the school, being the sparks of change and igniting the candle to the dark realms of reality in this world of today.