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Co-curricular Activities

Opportunities are provided to the students of the school to participate in various co-curricular activities organized in the local, regional, national and international level. Sports club, LTS, Friends club, Photography club, Nature club, Social Service club, Scouts Movement, YCS, Literary club, Taekwondo club, Music club, Arts club, Quiz club etc provide our children with such opportunities for initiatives and creativity. Educational tours, visit to historical places, seminars and colloquiums, animation programmes are organized from time to time. Children are encouraged to participate in outreach programmes which create social consciousness among them.
Our students participate in Intra-School events which include various competitions, morning assembly, notice board, cleanliness programme etc. Inter-school competitions like Bosco Fest, Bosco Utsav, Bosco Xprezns and MUN are opportunities where children showcase their talents and capabilities.